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Find the perfect voice to represent your company in one of our video or audio productions. Simply use the filter below to narrow your search or click the "View all" link to see our entire voice talent library.

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Disclaimer: Audio samples are supplied to represent voice types and may not be actual Inroads projects.
Play Language/ Accent Typecast Gender Voice Id
Play English Youth F 3252
Play English Political F 3253
Play English, Southern Character F 3254
Play English, Southern Conversational F 3255
Play English, British English Informative M 3256
Play English, British English Informative M 3257
Play English, Irish Character M 3258
Play English Informative M 3259
Play English Conversational F 3265
Play English Informative, Serious F 3266
Play English, British English Informative, Serious F 3267
Play English Announcer M 3268
Play English Informative M 3269
Play English Youth M 3270
Play English Comforting M 3271
Play English Character M 3272
Play English Conversational M 3273
Play English, Western Conversational M 3274
Play English Announcer M 3275
Play English Informative F 3276
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