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Why should I add video to my website?

Many people don't take the time to read through a website but will listen when a Video Spokesmodel is presenting it to them or take a couple minutes to sit and watch an informational video.


Adding video allows you to tell your visitors exactly what you want them to hear and it increases your conversion rate by at least 78%.

Can I make a Video Smaller or Bigger?

In general, it is easy to make a video smaller; however, when you enlarge a video, you will lose some image resolution.  It is best for the account manager to know what the final intended size will be prior to filming.  The video will be then optimized for that size.  This way, the video has maximum clarity at the smallest file size possible without degrading the quality of the video.  This will improve view ability and save bandwidth.

How many words fit into a 60, 30 and/or 15 second script?

A 60 second video is approximately 150 words, 30 second script is 75 words and a 15 second script is 35 words read at a normal pace.  This can vary, based on the type of video and whether the script needs to emphasize a point or graphics are involved.  Speak with the account manager to discuss the details of your project.

Can I use my own models or even star in the video myself?

Yes, we do work with other talent, or you can appear yourself. We have relationships with professional videographers and studios across the country to help ensure fast turnaround and high quality.

Do I need to write my own script?

No. Our talented staff of scriptwriters will gather information from you and create a message that will be your number one sales tool. And, if you chose to write your own script, they are available to edit it for quality and clarity.

Can I add graphics or logos to my videos?

Depending on the type of video being produced, such as a banner video, graphics or a logo can be included.  Please speak with the account manager to discuss the specifics.  Walk-On videos do not have graphics or titling.

Can I have background music in my video?

Yes, you can pick the background music from our huge online music selection by clicking on here. Or by clicking on “Talent” and then selecting “Soundtracks” from the navigation bar.

What are your payment terms?

We require payment in full via check, money order or credit card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Can I host my own videos?

Yes! We provide you with a download link to get your flash video file and the necessary files and code with installation instructions. Progressive download is not as good as streaming so you may want to test it out first. Of course, you can always ask us to host it later for just $19.99 per month.

Do I own the video and can I use it whenever I want?

Yes, you own full rights to the video.  We will email you the link to download your video and for $29 we will also save your video onto a DVD in various file formats and mail it to you.

Can I use my web video as a television commercial?

Unfortunately, web videos are compressed for faster download and do not have the resolution required for television.  We do offer packages for 15 and 30 second TV commercials that are competitively priced.  Please call us for more details at 1-800-555-1234.

What is a Virtual Spokesmodel?

A Virtual Spokesmodel is a professional actor or actress placed on a website to represent your company or to promote a specific message, product or service.

How can I get a Virtual Spokesmodel?

First, you chose a model from our wide selection of talent and fill out our script form, letting us know the key points you want to communicate to your audience. We will then take that information and translate it into a script for you to approve.  Once approved, we record your model in our studio. We will send a draft copy of the video for you to review and approve.  If there are any minor tweaks, it will be made and the video will be delivered in electronic format for web viewing electronically.  We can also assist you in installing the video to your website for an additional charge.

What if I want my Virtual Spokesmodel to appear on more than one page?

You are permitted to use the same video on multiple pages, without any additional cost. Or purchase multiple videos utilizing the same spokesmodel for a discounted rate.

Does my Virtual Spokesmodel only come in one size?

No, your Virtual Spokesmodel is available in four different sizes. A full-body size, 3/4 body, mid-body (from the waist up), and a headshot option.

What is Content Delivery Network and what is the benefit?

We use our own Content Delivery Network as an additional service to our clients. This is generally a better way to deliver video on the internet, since it is downloaded from network of servers that are geographically located throughout the world. The server closest to the requestor, delivers the video files, which translates to faster viewing and less stuttering.

How much is Content Delivery Network?

Our plans start at $19.99 per month for the majority of our clients. For top clients that expect over a few hundred views each hour we provide a free bandwidth consultation and determine a price based on the amount of videos, storage and expected number of viewers in the thousands that will view each day or hour. Because we manage our own Content Delivery Network, you can be assured that we will get you the best price anywhere.

Can I become a partner with Inroads?

Yes! We have a excellent partnership program if you would like to become an affiliate. Click on the Affiliate Program link and become a partner today.

Is the Inroads partnership free?

No. There are several ways to work with us, ranging from being a referrer to a reseller.  The referrer program there is no cost.  The reseller program has a small charge to cover the cost of setting up access to our web systems to showcase talent.  You will also have access to our extensive marketing collateral materials that can be private labeled.

How will the partnership program benefit me?

By becoming a partner with Inroads you can offer your clients a variety of new services, have access to marketing materials that can be branded and technology that will allow you to succeed in the market. We offer a generous commission structure based on sales performance.  See partner program for details by clicking here.


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